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  • P.B. ROAD, Motebennur
    Byadagi(T), Haveri(D)

About us

Join PACE To Win The RACE

PACE PU College , Motebennur , is an offshoot of PRAJNA Educational and Charitable Foundation, Motebennur. The very educational edifice called PACE (Prabodha Academic Carrer Of Excellence(R)) had it's humble beginning in the year 2008. since it's inception , for the last 13 years , it-has developed a peerless tradition of excellence in education in general and competitive exams in particular for students of the whole of karnataka and elsewhere. We offer methodical coaching and healthy competitive atmosphere to the students through our scientifically designed curriculum and adequate infrastructural facilities. Our modern world is full of relentless competition. PACE provides all the intellectual nourishment to get a firm footing in science education. A well thought out teaching curriculum, faculty with many years experience and expertise, ultra modern building and infrastructure, sophisticated technology scientifically and psychologically designed classrooms. PACE is a break through model developed in order to transform these dream into a brilliant reality.


  • 1. Affordable Fee
    Free education for students with 99% and Above marks . 50% fee concession for students with 97% and above marks.
  • 2. Passionate Lecturers
    Our excellent Lecturers are highly qualified with excellent communication skills and able to handle both board and competitive.
  • 3. Value Based Education
    By helping hundreds of students each year to achieve the fullest possible extent of their potentials in framing thier future has brought the institution an enviable fame and reputation .
  • 4. Excellent Competitive Environment
    In the recent years , the college has taken a huge leap and has upgraded to comprehensive coaching in NEET/JEE/CET/KVPY .
  • 5. Transportation
    College bus from Hirekerur, Haveri, Motebennur, Kaginele and Byadagi.